geometries of time
- research and on the move. Multimedia installation, between Uppsala, Trieste, and Ljubljana -
what: multimedia installation displaced at Stazione Rogers, Trieste (Italy) to be presented live for the ECLAS2021 event "Stop and Think", Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden. [13-15 sept. 2021] and displaced in Ljubljana, at the CA2RE | CA2RE+ Conference | REFORMULATION, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture and Academy of fine Arts and Design, september 2021
with: arch. PhD Taufan ter Weel
where: Uppsala (Sweden), Trieste (Italy), and Ljubljana (Slovenia)
when: 2021-2022
key words: diagrammatisation, entanglements, space-time-matterings, decolonization
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With this work, we want to call into question the concrete abstraction of control over rather than engagement with, of superposition and erasure, of void or vacuum without matter of energy, of tabula rasa. As Karen Barad (2017) puts it, there is always some noise: “the vacuum is filled with the indeterminate murmurings of all possible sounds: it is a speaking silence.” More specifically, the work is a critical exploration into relations between geometries of time and their implications for how we engage with life and the environment. To anticipate the uncertainty we are facing, we may need to question and contextualize the tensions between absolute representations of reality and the relative space-time of entangled processes, the incompatibilities between the linear time of progress and control, and the cyclical time of seasons, tides and bodily rhythms, and the discrepancies between turnover time and deep time.
Our “stop and think” short circuit will be triggered by juxtaposing the different notions of time and exploring the entanglements between the diverse instances of an ever-changing landscape to develop a relational understanding of it in terms of a multiplicity of space-time-matterings. Combining sound, video, photography, drawings, and diagrams into an installation. To retrace the consistency of the long-ignored ​poché​, the installation seeks to reveal the invisible and inaudible dimensions of the landscape (from geological strata to tectonics, from underground infrastructure to radiation and sound). The work aims to critically examine the dichotomous sequence of superimposition and erasure that constantly reshapes the morphology and the meaning of landscape.