fisherman's foes
what: proposal for Venice's Isolario
with: prof. arch. Giovanni Corbellini, arch. ph.d. Gianluca Croce, arch. ph.d. V. Rodani
where: Laguna di Venezia, Italia
when: 2022
key words: recovery, recycle, reuse, post-human, lagoon clutches
link: see more
The Spignon lighthouse has long lost its navigation aid function. Located right in front of the mouth of Malamocco and at the intersection with other inland waterways, it stands on an artificial platform that takes advantage of shallow water. Position and hydrographic morphology make the exchange with the seawater more intense, resulting in relatively fast tidal currents and a more saline and “clean” environment, favorable conditions for mussel farming. The project considers the Spignon lighthouse as an experimental ground to intensify the present uses and test potential evolutions, crises, and adaptations of the interaction between the various actors involved in the delicate lagoon situation.​​​​​​​