expost. il riciclo dell'evento, l'evento del riciclo
type: book
year: 2021
published by: Àncore, Libria
key words: recycling, recovery, ephemeral architecture, temporary reuse, gradual transformation, World’s Fairs
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Phantasmagoric machines of wonder, the World’s Fair, have intertwined their destiny with the leading world metropolises, transforming them and transforming themselves through subtractions, stratifications, and overwriting. In their concretization, the exhibition shows have often subverted the initial forecasts in a continuous oscillation between permanent and temporary, between success and failure. This research on the Expo 2015 in Milan wonders if it is possible to venture further waste and convert the death of the event into an event. The design reflection focuses on the transition phase between the end of the Expo and the reuse of the area, extracting new spectacular opportunities from the necessary process of erosion, demolition, and recycling.