- Time as a cure for an injured territory -
type: Europan 17, International Competition
award: Runner Up (second prize)
team: Mariacristina D'Oria, Flavio Martella, Maria Vittoria Tesei
where: Celje, Slovenia
year: 2023
link: see more
The current biodiversity, climate and environmental crises may be seen as results of a human/non-human relationship in which the human perspective has dominated and sought to control the nonhuman. One of the most prominent examples is certainly the industry with its exploit of resources to gain human welfare at the expense of the non-human surrounding; another great example could be the greenhouse, where nature became optimized for human food production, and sometimes even aestheticized. Working with distance and separation therefore necessarily (and even paradoxically) becomes the most sustainable and respectful technique to (re)connect and include non-humans in human society. On the other hand, coexistence means understanding that there can be forms of human habitation that do not stifle other forms of life or other lifestyles, therefore understanding that it is necessary to take a step back and make room for a freer and more independent development, while at the same time creating meeting points. Distance translates not only into a spatial dimension, but also into a temporal one. Working within a long-term transitional time interval and starting from this idea, the project intends to activate a gradual process of non-humans-remediation and caring, activating a regenerative process capable of actuating a landscape metamorphosis which, after having been sedimented and spread, gives back a reclaimed landscape to much more responsibilized humans.