Apollo zero versus Muse. Paesaggi solari
type: book editing and article
autor: Adriano Venudo
contributors: Giovanni Fraziano, Vanni Lughi, Claudio Meninno, Mariacristina D'Oria
title contribution: A Trip to the Moon
year: 2021
published by: EUT Edizioni Universitarie Triestine
key words: traumatized and traumatizing agencies, transitional space-time fragments, Cedric Price
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abstract of the volume: Until a few years ago, solar design was developed according to a modular logic, in which the basic unit, the photovoltaic panel or solar cell, together with frames and lattice supports, constituted the compositional paradigm only in terms of the envelope or skin of the building organism, in short as an added component, a covering for the building. Thanks to evolutions such as organic solar, solar textiles, or even solar glass, this paradigm can be revised entirely, even in terms of structure and autonomous spatial element [...]. Still, solar design has produced the most innovative and exciting configurations in autonomous and dedicated installations for producing electrical energy: solar parks. Often located in extreme environments and obviously far from cities and urbanized territories, solar parks mark a new phenomenon of colonization of the American, Australian, African, and even European deserts. Increasingly large, for reasons of production and economies of scale, they have taken on a central role in the design of the landscape and territory, up to the scale of states, literally proposing themselves as new solar geographies.​​​​​​​
abstract of the contribution: The machine does not exhaust its meaning in its utilitarian definition as a device made up of several elements that, suitably assembled, facilitate predetermined operations with considerable savings in time and effort but is charged with numerous meanings and interpretations in the course of history. In particular, from the 19th century onwards, it is increasingly conceived as a device designed for amusement and entertainment, an instrument of escape and discovery but also distraction, through which to trigger space-time short circuits and, at the same time, allow humans to aspire to the conquest of all possible worlds. Thus emerges a web of devices specifically designed to escape from the monotony of everyday life with a physical or illusory movement - produced by creating a dream dimension. A constellation that brings together, alongside the more traditional machines of exploration (from the ancient attempts at flight to the Apollo lunar mission), a series of devices aimed at transporting man into a fantastic dimension.